Fight Sports Insider Tournament Management

We just updated our tournament support for promoters running single- or double-elimination tournaments. With Fight Sports Insider's tournament support, running a tournament is easier, more flexible, and less costly than ever before.

If you are promoting a kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, grappling, and/or MMA tournament, you might find the following capabilities useful to help you put on a successful event:
  • Online registration - you get your funds immediately
  • Automatic bracket population - competitors register directly into your brackets
  • Automatic creation of brackets and automatic advancement of winners (and losers for double-elimination brackets)
  • Great flexibility - you can have single-elimiation, double-elimination, and/or matches that are not part of brackets; you control seeding; support for multiple sports (kickboxing, grappling/BJJ, MMA); use of standard or custom age & weight classes; and more!
  • Easily communicate amongst officials & staff - officials will have no confusion about who's fighting next; they can enter results when matches complete and they're immediately available to competitors, attendees, judges, etc.
  • Easily communicate with competitors & attendees - brackets, seeding, competitor information, and results will all be online and people will be able to easily help themselves get answers to all the questions promoters and staff typically answer throughout more tournaments.
  • Low cost - one low fee enables all this functionality for an unlimited number of competitors & brackets
Online Registration
Registrations for tournaments can be very challenging but it doesn't have to be that way.
Fight Sports Insider can simplify things greatly by allowing the tournament organizer to create brackets, set a single registration fee or unique fees per bracket, and allow competitors to register online.

Competitors will chose the bracket they want to enter, pay the registration fee, and they will be added to the bracket and you will receive your funds immediately! There is no 30-or-more day wait like what other services require.
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Fight Sports Insider charges a $1.00 fee for each registration transaction, except for free-registration events (as defined by the promoter) where FSI charges no fee.

NOTE: We use PayPal to process payments securely. PayPal accepts a wide variety of payment methods. But if you want your registrants to be able to pay with a credit card, you must have a verified PayPal business or premier account .

Tournament Support
3 fighter bracket Brackets are formatted efficiently for both computers and mobile devices. Byes are calculated automatically, and competitors advance automatically through the bracket as results are captured. These can be printed or shared online.
Furthermore, you can have single-elimination brackets, double-elimination brackets, non-tournament matches, and/or a mix of all the above.

Supported Sports
FSI's event and tournament capabilities work with kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, grappling, MMA, and wrestling.

Event Promotion
You can promote your kickboxing and Muay Thai events FOR FREE on Fight Sports Insider. Just create your account and add your events. It's that simple. A time investment of approximately 10 minutes can give you thousands of impressions to get the word out about your event!

Premium promotional options also exist. Click here for the details.
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More Information
If you have feature requests, suggestions, or any other feedback, please send us an email.